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The Mati Family is involved with plants, nurseries and gardens since the last century and has always been renowned for the quality of products and the professionalism of its staff. Thanks to the dedication of Andrea, Francesco and Paolo Mati, many initiatives have been launched in the world of plants and gardens.

The Piante MATI company was born in 1909 as a family run company. Quickly it made a name for itself in the industry thanks to the quality of the plants produced and to the state-of-the-art services offered. Today the Piante MATI company uses traditional systems and modern techniques to cultivate the highest quality of plants across its six production nurseries encompassing a total of 800,000 square meters. The company is run in a traditional though dynamic manner by the three brothers with production oriented toward trees and conifers with a variable height ranging from 2 to 12 meters, bushes and hedges for natural fencing and screening, roses, Mediterranean plants, and still many more plants.

The Gruppo Mati srl is the organization that handles technical consulting and planning, synergies with international landscaping architects, complex green works to be created in countries within Europe and beyond. Gruppo Mati srl srl created the landscaped gardens for the headquarters of Abercrombie & Fitch in Paris, designed by the landscape architect Quincy Hammond, created prestigious gardens in the French Riviera and Croatia, and detailed a technical outline for the green plan of a palace in Monte Carlo. It also handles technical/design assistance for various gardens and complicated green landscapes within Europe and beyond.

Giardineria Italiana was born in Pistoia in 1999 for the purpose of satisfying the growing demand for installments to complement green spaces and includes gardeners who are specialized and qualified in the creation and maintenance of prestigious gardens. Giardineria Italiana passionately and professionally manages gardens of all formats and types. Currently, green spaces are being created in Italy and France, maintained in French Riviera, Versailles, the Emerald Coast, and Montalcino for private families as well as for hotel groups and thermal bath resorts.

Toscana Fair was born from an idea launched by the Mati brothers to enhance the agricultural heritage of the family companies. The name originates from our extraordinary region of Tuscany along with the English word “Fair”, which can mean “market” but also “gentle, loyal, just, honest, and serene”. Toscana Fair is an Agritouristic Restaurant characterized by a rich menu completely inspired by the Tuscan culinary tradition with sales of food products produced by us and sponsoring wine and food events across the Pistoia territory and beyond.

Cooperativa Sociale Puccini Conversini: A community project shared with Giardineria Italiana in synergy with the Cooperativa Sociale Sant’Agostino. The cooperative offers disadvantaged people the chance to learn the trade of gardener and nurseryman in a company where a large and complex garden and production nursery were created. Thanks to hands-on work, in close contact with specialized gardeners and nursery managers, a professionalism is acquired that releases them from the social disadvantage. The plants produced and gardens created will be used in the recovery of public gardens and green spaces.