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Accademia Italiana del Giardino
is an interactive place for those who want to share, learn and discuss,
but also get hands-on practice in the world of plants.

Professional Landscape Courses

The Accademia Italiana del Giardino has opened the Academic Year with NEW COURSES and new offerings to satisfy the continued and growing demands from all of you who love the world of Green. We have many new features to enrich the already well-established organization of the Accademia, whether they be the issues presented or the categories of our courses.

Courses can be selected based on the needs of each participant. We have: recreational to satisfy your curiosity in an easy and understandable manner for anyone; didactic to deepen your own knowledge of the world of plants and gardens, from planning to care and maintenance; and professional to acquire new qualifications and to improve your own expertise. Courses are taught by professionals such as Landscape Architects, Agronomists, Naturalists and Green Technicians, as well as by our own collaborating Head Gardeners, including the three Mati brothers – Andrea, Francesco and Paolo. A wealth of knowledge and experience boasting more than one hundred years of history that will guide the participant along a path of theory as well as hands-on practice.

Thanks to the many gardens and teaching spaces available at the Accademia Italiana del Giardino, you can practice what you learn during the courses. Even during the winter months, students can practice the techniques learned right in the garden.

And beginning this year, courses will be held even during the week. Some themes that require more investigation may be developed as full-weekend courses.

Another new feature that characterizes this new Academic Year is the creation of the Club degli Accademici del Giardino (the Academy of the Garden Club). This is because the Accademia is not just a normal horticultural training location but rather it is a place to share ideas, to enjoy and to exchange personal experiences. More so, this year even the smallest of us can be involved through easy and fun games where they will learn and become aware of all of Nature’s marvels.

The Accademia’s goal is to be an interactive space for all those who want to grow, learn, discuss and practice a passion for plants and horticulture. Courses can be taken even by those looking for a new hobby, maybe through learning do-it-yourself green techniques, and for those looking for a way to relax in the backyard.

Each course will begin upon registration of 10 participants.
For more information, costs and registration, please contact us at +39 05 73 38 00 51 or via email at

The Accademia Italiana del Giardino, was born of our experiences and our passion for this work. We are the fourth generation of entrepreneurs in the field of ornamental gardening (Piante Mati 1909), in the world of gardeners and professionals who gravitate around it (Gruppo Mati), and of the landscape experts who build and maintain them (Giardineria Italiana).

The Accademia Italiana del Giardinoo was founded by our family in October 2012 following an increased request for training, meetings, exchanges and even entertainment, in the world of plants and gardens.

An interactive place for those who want to share, learn and discuss, but also get hands-on practice in the world of plants.

Our goal is to cultivate awareness and passion for the environment:

Andrea, Francesco e Paolo.




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